Utilizzo dell'app Choiceboard Creator ™ su un iPad © per insegnare a uno studente con gravi disabilità a fare una scelta

Using the Choiceboard Creator™ app on an iPad© to teach choice making to a student with severe disabilities

Stephenson J.
Augment Altern Commun. 2016;32(1):49-57. doi: 10.3109/07434618.2015.1136688.
This paper describes an intervention to teach the use of the Choiceboard Creator app on an iPad for choice making to a student with autism, severe intellectual disability, and challenging behavior. This app provides flexibility in the number of pictures and blank distractors displayed, produces voice output, shuffles the picture arrangement after each activation, and makes the selected picture more salient by enlarging it once it has been selected. The effectiveness of the intervention was explored using a multiple baseline across three settings. Pre- and post-assessments of the student's ability to select a picture given the spoken word or the object and to select the object given the spoken word or the picture explored the further development of picture skills. The student learned to use a display of three pictures in free play, a display of two pictures in morning circle, and a display of five pictures at morning tea.